Half Living Things (Limited Red and Blue Vinyl LP)

Limited Red and Vinyl LP

In the ever-evolving sonic landscape of Alpha Wolf, their music transforms like a shapeshifting beast, defying expectations and breaking through boundaries with the weight of wrecking-ball dynamics and captivating off-kilter hooks. The Australian quintet maintains their intensity on their third full-length offering, Half Living Things.

They meticulously crafted Half Living Things, self-producing and weaving together a visceral vision after years on the road. The album title perfectly encapsulates their state of being. The album kicks off with the neck-snapping chug of the opener and first single, Bring Back The Noise, where gnashing harmonics and Lochie’s high-pitched screams punctuate waves of distortion.


1. Bring Back The Noise
2. Double-Edge Demise
3. Haunter
4. Sucks 2 Suck (feat. Ice T)
5. Whenever You're Ready
6. Pretty Boy
7. Mangekyō
8. A Terrible Day For Rain
9. Feign
10. Garden Of Eyes 
11. Half Living Things
12. Ambivalence