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How Many Padmes Hum? - Flying Out


How Many Padmes Hum?

MUZAI Records

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As the evenings grow lighter in New Zealand, the weather getting warmer and the seasons imminently changing, How Many Padmes Hum? has ideally managed to emerge ahead of another (hopefully pleasant) summer - and with songs such as the dreamy "Cloudgazer" or the hedonistic-blast of "Change", becomes one of the most apt releases from MUZAI towards the end of another year..

In an era where bedroom producers are more turning their efforts towards electronic music, Perry's heart still lays underneath the six strings of his guitar - crafting his favourite aspects of 60s surf and pop music, filtering them through the glasses of a musician in the 21st century.

How Many Padmes Hum? is the end result of that long, hard grafting in search of the sound he long sought after. With earlier projects ceasing to dedicate all his efforts into this one particular outlet, Perry has finally created something he considers a "defining moment" in is song writing

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