From Whence it Came (Green Vinyl 2LP)

Green Vinyl 2LP

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YUNGMORPHEUS' latest 'From Whence We It Came' is consistently smooth, dreamy, and downbeat, finding inspiration in the corners of 70s soul, 80s funk and moody jazz. Accompanied by great lyricism & sample-based instrumentals that any underground hip-hop head can rock with, FWIC proves that Lex Records are pushing the best of the best at the moment. Plus! The guest features include Fly Anakin, M.E.D., Ahwlee, lojii, Jimetta Rose & the all-time great, Flying Out favourite, Mary Lattimore! - Hunter

Yungmorpheus is back with his first solo album on Lex. From Whence It Came finds MORPH on fine form, unleashing his inimitable verse over a wild range of styles; from nods to his Florida origins, to self produced Drum & Bass and the earworm soul loops he's better known for.

The album includes link-ups with M.E.D., B. Cool-Aid's Ahwlee, Jimetta Rose, Fly Anakin, lojii and some unexpected guests like Mary Lattimore on Shattered Glass. His beat selection is as on point as ever with production from LA legend Kankick, Ohbliv, Graymatter, Kutmah, DMH, JUNIE., Raphy and August Fanon. The album follows last November's Burnished Sums EP and collaborative projects Up Against the Wall with THERAVADA, Bag Talk (Deluxe) with Pink Siifu, Affable With Pointed Teeth with Eyedress, and an appearance on Moor Mother's latest album Jazz Codes.

MORPH is part of a scene breaking antiquated notions about underground rap, lacing his tracks with caustic humor and vivid details.


1. Where It Goes Feat. Jimetta Rose
2. Self Sponsored
3. Escovitch Fish Feat. Quevin
4. Near the Cell Towers
5. Cassava Bread Feat. Fly Anakin
6. Hold Tighter // Don't Mention It
7. What You Won't Do Feat. Med
8. For the Evening Feat. Judah & Ahwlee
9. So It Goes
10. Heavy Bags
11. Playin' the Same Game
12. Top Dog // Under Dog
13. Crème Brûlée
14. Layman's Terms
15. Fiya Haffi Bun Feat. Lojii
16. In the Water
17. Shattered Glass Feat. Mary Lattimore
18. Free Form Cash (Shoutro)
19. Faded Memories

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