Starz is the fourth album by Swedish rapper, singer and songwriter Yung Lean. It was recorded in an old ballet hall. It’s his first album since Poison Ivy in 2018. The album is preceded by three singles, Boylife in EU, Violence and Pikachu, these should give you the flavour of the album, which was once again produced by whitearmor.


1. My Agenda
2. Yayo
3. Boylife In EU
4. Violence
5. Outta My Head
6. Dance In The Dark
7. Acid At 7/11
8. Starz (featuring Ariel Pink) 
9. Hellraiser
10. Butterfly Paralyzed
11. Dogboy
12. Iceheart
13. Pikachu
14. Low
15. Sunset Sunrise
16. Put Me In A Spell