Young The Giant 10th Anniversary Edition (Reissue)

Double Vinyl (Limited Edition)
Young The Giant’s certified Gold self-titled debut album Young The Giant (featuring the band’s hits Cough Syrup, My Body and more) celebrates its landmark 10th anniversary with a Deluxe Edition.

Originally released on October 26, 2010, the 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition includes a double LP on 180g vinyl nestled among a 20-page booklet and a 2’x2’ poster featuring a unique, modernized twist of the original cover art.  

The set also includes 3 highly sought-after tracks that have never been on vinyl, plus a newly studio recorded bonus track Take Me Home, originally from The Jakes (band’s former name) Shake My Hand EP.


  1. Apartment (Remaster)
  2. My Body (Remaster)
  3. I Got (Remaster)
  4. Cough Syrup (Remaster)
  5. God Made Man (Remaster)
  6. 12 Fingers (Remaster)
  7. Strings (Remaster)
  8. Your Side (Remaster)
  9. Garands (Remaster)
  10. St. Walker (Remaster)
  11. Islands (Remaster)
  12. Guns Out (Remaster)
  13. Every Little Thing (Demo)
  14. Typhoon (Remaster)
  15. Strings (Reprise) [Remaster]
  16. Take Me Home (2.0)