Extra Painful

Matador Records


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In celebration of the band's 30th anniversary, Yo La Tengo have announced a reissue of their 1993 LP Painful. It's called Extra Painful and now on a 2xLP format.

This deluxe edition of the record includes demos, unreleased studio takes, live acoustic recordings, and other related tracks. Plus, the reissue is packaged with the first YLT Gazette newsletter in 14 years, liner notes by the band and "semi-trusted advisers," photos, ephemera, a remake of the band's original "band-aid" sticker and more.'

LP 1:
1. Big Day Coming
2. From a Motel 6
3. Double Dare
4. Superstar-Watcher
5. Nowhere Near
6. Sudden Organ
7. A Worrying Thing
8. I Was The Fool Beside You For Too Long
9. The Whole Of The Law
10. Big Day Coming
11. I Heard You Looking

LP 2:
1. Nowhere Near (demo)
2. From A Motel 6 (live acoustic)
3. Tunnel Vision (unreleased instrumental demo)
4. Sudden Organ (demo)
5. Smart Window (unreleased Painful session)
6. Big Day Coming (live acoustic)
7. Slow Learner (unreleased demo)
8. Double Dare (demo)
9. A Worrying Thing (demo)
10. I Heard You Looking (live)