Wilberforces long awaited follow up to 2009′s lauded debut Haunted, demonstrating how the band have fine-tuned their sound to adapt to their new two-piece line up.

Holing themselves up recording with Jackson Hobbs (Sharpie Crows, Hussies), Vipassana doesn’t mark a complete change from their previous releases but rather a progression; harnessing the expected influences from NZ luminaries Bailterspace, Skeptics and 80s post punk groups Swell Maps and Ausgang to more auspicious nods to the world of electronic music (in particular the dynamics one might take from ambient or trip-hop).


1. Silver Horses
2. Blue Stars
3. Bones Bones Dead Bones
4. Believement
5. Deluge Slides
6. J.O.I.Y.A
7. Haunted
8. Electrocution
9. Wandering Spirit Survival School