Unzipped (Reissue) (Vinyl 2LP)


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The album Unzipped by Whitesnake was released by Rhino and features a collection of acoustic and unplugged versions of some of the band's greatest hits. This special edition album showcases the raw talent and versatility of the iconic rock band, presenting their songs in a stripped-down, intimate format.

Unzipped offers a unique listening experience for fans of Whitesnake, as they get to hear familiar tracks in a whole new light. The acoustic arrangements bring out the beauty and emotion of each song, allowing listeners to appreciate the depth and craftsmanship behind the band's music.

Throughout the album, lead vocalist David Coverdale's powerful voice takes center stage, captivating listeners with his soulful delivery. His vocals are complemented by delicate guitar melodies and intricate acoustic arrangements that create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The tracklist includes beloved classics such as Here I Go Again, Is This Love, and Love Ain't No Stranger, among others. Each song is reimagined with acoustic guitars, adding an organic touch to these timeless rock anthems.

In addition to their well-known hits, Unzipped also features rare tracks and previously unreleased material. These hidden gems provide fans with a fresh perspective on Whitesnake's musical journey and offer a glimpse into their creative process.

Whether you're a long-time fan or new to Whitesnake's music, Unzipped is an essential addition to any rock collection. Its intimate soundscapes and heartfelt performances showcase the band's enduring talent and make for an unforgettable listening experience.


1. Love Is Blind (Unzipped... In The Studios: The Love Songs)
2. All The Time In The World
3. Fare Thee Well
4. Summer Rain
5. One Of These Days
6. Easier Said Than Done
7. Wherever You May Go
8. Forevermore
9. 'till The End Of Time
10. Sailing Ships (Starkers In Tokyo)
11. Too Many Tears
12. The Deeper The Love
13. Love Ain't No Stranger
14. Can't Go On
15. Give Me All Your Love
16. Don't Fade Away
17. Is This Love
18. Here I Go Again
19. Soldier Of Fortune
20. Only My Soul (A Cappella)
21. Fool For Your Loving (Excerpt)

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