Parallelograms (Vinyl 2LP)

Vinyl 2LP (180g)

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New experimental project Vor-stellen (Brendan Moran, Stephen Reay and Jared Johanson) have announced their debut release, Parallelograms.

Vor-stellen is an experimental group that blends fixated guitars and drums with looped ad-hoc electronic layers producing perforated waves of uncanny vanishing sound which echoes off the fourth wall. Vor-stellen have set forth on an exploration, folding the weird and the eerie into a dark ecology of long-sound via indefatigable environments of modulation and improvisation, creating sonic counterpoints that hinge on a reanimation of musical gestures.

Steve Reay and Brendan Moran have worked together previously as avoid!avoid and with Jared Johanson as part of The Subliminals. In a way Vor- stellen picks up where their other projects have left off as they seek to transform pre-determined ideas of music into open-ended sound objects, untethered from any sense of homeliness.

As a project that dives head first into long-form experimentation, Parallelograms features four sonically rich tracks. With just one track per vinyl side, Vor-stellen are their debut in a very special gatefold jacket, with 180g double LP. 


  1. Pollen Carrier
  2. Grønland
  3. Voyager
  4. Folding of the Time

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