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Since 2019, Alchemist has claimed that an album with Earl existed on YouTube under a fake name, just waiting to be discovered. Voir Dire is unconfirmed to be that collab but as Pitchfork said at the time, it's "a record that was meant to be". These two hip-hop icons are at the top of their game, and clearly having a total riot working together, roping in rappers MIKE and Vince Staples to join the fun. Voir Dire is a rare case of the sum of its parts being just as good if not better than the artists on their own. - Flying Out

Voir Dire, the momentous album by Earl Sweatshirt and Alchemist, undoubtedly represents the long-awaited convergence of two rap titans. Earl's personal and intricately woven wordcraft, along with Alchemist's treasure trove of obscure, captivating samples, combine to create an artistic chemistry that permeates "Voir Dire" (which translates from French to "Speak Your Truth"). Earl accomplishes just that as he delves into the analysis of specific phases of his life, particularly in the past where his reflections resonate with immense potency, meticulous detail, and profound insight. The album features notable Los Angeles wordsmith Vince Staples on two tracks and esteemed rap artist, MIKE. On Voir Dire, unmatched lyricism and remarkable maturity take center stage, while personal experiences such as new fatherhood emerge and evolve over stripped-down, spacious Alchemist production — culminating in what many consider to be the best rap album of the year.


1. 100 High Street
2. Vin Skully
3. Sentry (feat. MIKE)
4. Heat Check
5. Mancala (feat. Vince Staples)
6. 27 Braids
7. Mac Deuce
8. Sirius Blac
9. Dead Zone
10. The Caliphate (feat. Vince Staples)
11. Free the Ruler
12. My Brother, The Wind
13. Geb