Void Bastards (Original Soundtrack)

Vinyl LP (Green With Black Splatter)

Ghost Ramp presents Ryan Roth’s soundtrack to the acclaimed first-person shooter game, Void Bastards. Developed by former team members of the mega hit BIOSHOCK series, Void Bastards has developed its own devoted following and is currently available on Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game (and its music) features comic book aesthetics, blending off-beat humor with zany randomness and non-stop action.

Available for the first time on vinyl, Roth’s score is a rush to the senses. Combining intense, dark ambience with pulsating beats, punk guitar riffs and cutting synths, Roth creates an immersive all-in-one experience. The Void Bastards OST is an essential for fans of dark electronic music and punk.


1. Void Bastards
2. Quantum 02:00
3. Consult the Map 01:04
4. Construction Site 01:45
5. The Sargasso Nebula 05:14
6. CNT Client Service Counter 02:37
7. Unpaid Overtime 02:12
8. Krell Steel Freight Blues 04:11
9. Cargo Brawl 01:17
10. Lux Cruisin 01:26
11. Dining Hall Jazz 01:17
12. Otori Secrets オトリ の 秘密 01:39
13. Robopet Massacre 00:53
14. PAC Relaxing Detention 02:03
15. Corporal Punishment 01:22
16. WCG Border Security 02:34
17. Unnecessary Cavity Search 01:08
18. Xonnox Clinic Waiting Room 01:43
19. Emergency Medical Crisis 01:11
20. Batten Down the Hatches 01:43
21. Walk the Plank! 01:06
22. Krell Mart Hot Deals 02:08
23. Air on the B(astard) String 03:27
24. TYDY Cleanse 01:14
25. Time to Bleach the Toilets