Wolf Party

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A.1 Boss Christ Swamp Wolf
A.2 Slim Chants Do The Dogone
A.3 Full Fucking Moon Litany Of The Oceans Part 1
A.4 Bad Evil Mermaids Ride UFOs
A.5 The Damned Evangelist La Maldicion Del Lobo
A.6 Delaney Davidson Foggy Harbour
A.7 Mr Slackjaw In A Wolfmans Heart
A.8 Voodoo Savage & His Savages Beat It With A Rock
A.9 Knife Fight (3) Woof Woof Woof
B.1 Tape Man Thirteen
B.2 Golden Axe Dognapped
B.3 Double Ya D Wolf Fight Tonight
B.4 Sheville Deep Space 2000
B.5 The Don Kings The Claw
B.6 The Wrongdoings Moonlight
B.7 Pro Drag Hot Dog
B.8 The Chandeliers (4) Diamondo