The Celia Mancini Tapes (Reissue)

Vinyl LP



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The Celia Mancini Tapes is a compilation of recordings by sadly departed King Loser member Celia Mancini, collecting together rarities from throughout the legendary artist's life. The twelve tunes recorded between 1988 and 1998 are absolutely crucial slices of kick-ass garage rock and psychedelia sourced direct from the original crumbling four-track cassette tapes. Project co-ordinator Glen Brewer states of the collection, "Given the lo-fi nature of the music, the vinyl LP format is the ideal home to commemorate and celebrate her life and creative times, just as she would have wanted, and had often spoken to me about doing herself.”

In early January 2017, I helped Celia to collect the tapes from random storage locations that she had stashed them in decades previously, including dusty closets, car-boots, crumbling boxes etc, and then by mid-2017, around 200 of the cassettes had been digitised.”  - Glen Brewer / Leap Decade Records

  1. Celia Mancini - Torpedo Wave 
  2. The After Dinner Mints - Sunny 
  3. Celia Mancini - Donny 
  4. Celia Mancini - The Yellow and Purple Dress 
  5. The Stepford 5 - Stolen Heart
  6. King Loser - Hammond Fu 
  7. Celia Mancini - New Spy Theme Outro 
  8. Snapper - Bad Girl (Lock & Load demo) 
  9. Celia Mancini - Celia Goes Into The Void
  10. Celia Mancini - Wordless Control
  11. The Axel Grinders - Time To Die
  12. Mothertrucker - Mistress Christmas