Speed Of Sound


Featuring tracks from The D4, The Clean, The Mint Chicks, Gerling, PanAm, alaska!, The Hasselhoff Experiment, Tall Dwarfs and a whole garage-load more!

There aren't many record labels still releasing music from their foundation artists more than two decades down the line. And where there are, they're not putting those foundation artists on the same record as their latest, fresh-faced signings.

But, then, there aren't many labels like Flying Nun Records. New Zealand's most widely-known musical brand isn't just a cult back-catalogue but a creative going concern that is, amazingly, enjoying some of its most notable international success as it approaches a quarter of a century in business.

"The NZ Rock record of the year…..astonishing"
- 9/10 MNE

"Bugger me.…it's brilliant"
- Hat, ex-FN wrangler



1. HDU - Schallblute
2. The Subliminals - Uh-Oh
3. The Clean - Stars
4. alaska! - Lost The Gold
5. The D4 - Exit To The City
6. Ghost Club - Ghost Club Theme Song
7. Chris Knox - My Only Friend
8. PanAm - Natural
9. Gerling - The Deer In You
10. The Mint Chicks - Licking Letters
11. Tall Dwarfs - Baby It's Over
12. The Hasselhoff Experiment - Brown Paper Bag
13. Robert Scott - Shelf Control
14. Stephen Malkmus - Death and The Maiden
15. Betchadupa - Sleepy News
16. Graeme Downes - Sunday Kickaround
17. Garageland - Believe In You
18. The Subliminals - Speed Of Sound