Sickest Smashes From Arson City: Legacy Edition




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What’s more quintessentially Christchurch than a burnt-out Subaru Legacy in front of an earthquake damaged cathedral? Perhaps this. Melted Ice Cream present to you a compilation and document of the Christchurch live music scene of 2018, comprising 100% unheard Ōtautahi hits: Sickest Smashes From Arson City: Legacy Edition. This is the first outing for a number of artists from Christchurch including: Avon Dads, Ben Woods, Cowboy Machine, Dogfish, Pavlov's Puss, PGX, The Hex Waves, and The Waltham Home Organ Society... but also features previously-unheard tracks from established hitmakers Best Bets, Dark Matter, Nervous Jerk, Salad Boys, and Wurld Series. Plus many more unheard tracks from local artists. Christchurch's indie scene has traditionally been regarded as one of the best in New Zealand, let alone the world, and this compilation serves to prove it.

  1. Brian Tamaki and the Kool-Aid Kids - Tunnel Vision
  2. Cowboy Machine - To The Border
  3. Ben Woods - Lozenge
  4. Best Bets - Aerial Photograph
  5. Best Bets - Aerial Photograph
  6. Wurld Series - Grey Men
  7. Nervous Jerk - Vitamins
  8. The Ruling Elite - Love Is The Law 
  9. PGX - Mopeds 
  10. Salad Boys - Jemmies 
  11. Adam Hattaway - The Law 
  12. Avon Dads - Egg Nog 
  13. Les Baxters - Toshi II 
  14. Hex Waves - Venturi Effect 
  15. Jim Nothing - Only Life 
  16. Dark Matter - Fate 
  17. The Teasers - More Or Less 
  18. Pavlov's Puss - Petty Hedonist 
  19. Dogfish - War Dunce 
  20. Motte - Public Access 
  21. The Waltham Home Organ Society - Ray Columbus