Chill Pill III

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Chill Pill will help you get in line with nature, enhancing positive feelings through better awareness of one's surroundings. Listening to this music will improve your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. While con-suming Chill Pill a healthy mix of relaxation and hedonism is recommended.


  1. Anna "Side By Side" 
  2. DJ City "Cirrus Clouds"
  3. Nice Girl "Will U" 
  4. Turzi "Watermill" 
  5. Real Ponchos "Big Surprise" 
  6. Martin Brugger "Fall Out" 
  7. 6 Underground "White Flag" 
  8. Sofie & Speckman "Leave" 
  9. Paul Brändle "Homecoming" 
  10. You're Me "Lunch In The Meadows"
  11. Bell Towers "Dreaming Of A Summer Dream" 
  12. Mogwaa & Xin Seha "숨(Breath)" 
  13. Eden Burns "I'm Urs Dub"
  14. Avocado Highway (Alex Olson) "P.C.H."
  15. Andras "cp3" 
  16. Chris Ellis & Babyxxan "Um Ah Help" 
  17. Suzanne Kraft "ChaptersAC464"
  18. R_R_ "Balance" 
  19. Superpitcher "Sometimes" 
  20. Emmanuelle "No Brains No Worries"
  21. Obalski "Nonconformism" 
  22. Popp "Kith" 
  23. Vanessa Worm "Orion No. 4/144" 
  24. Lurie - Loneliness Is Just A Sign Of Integrity Or Maybe You Just Don't Have Friends
  25. RIP Swirl "Laguna Beach Jam" 
  26. Aiden Ayers "Some Kinda Harm"