Chill Pill II

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Chill Pill will help you get in line with nature, enhancing positive feelings through better awareness of one's surroundings. Listening to this music will improve your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. While consuming Chill Pill a healthy mix of relaxation and hedonism is recommended.

Contributions come from Young Marco, Secret Circuit and JD Twitch as well as PP regulars like Bell Towers, Obalski, Andras , Sofie, RIP Swirl and DJ City. There's also a strong showing of New Zealand artists including Eden Burns, Nice Girl and Vanessa Worm.

  1. Popp - Amina
  2. Vanessa Worm - Orion No. 3
  3. DJ Batman - Hello Darkness My Old Friend
  4. Nice Girl & Michael - Conjuct
  5. Laura Groves - M6 North
  6. Occupanther - 4D Lemmings
  7. Bell Towers - Precious Gem
  8. Secret Circuit - Under Mi Cloud
  9. Obalski - Platinum Phrases
  10. DJ Chrysalis - Cushion
  11. Eden Burns - Organ Torque
  12. Young Marco - Encarta
  13. Sui Zhen - Another Time
  14. RIP Swirl - Whacked
  15. DJ City - Pretend Its Forever
  16. JD Twitch - Jimi
  17. Apiento - 5AM Swim
  18. Andras - Revegetation Area 2002
  19. Sofie - In The Park