Catharsis - The Sound Of The Wellington Underground 1989-1994

Vinyl LP



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When it comes to Aotearoa's music history, it's often the case that the story is boiled down to one or two labels or scenes from an era, while much of what was happening in the underground is relegated to the sidelines, only to be discovered by the most intrepid diggers. On Catharsis..., the story of Wellington's late 80s / early 90s punk and angry rock scene is finally beginning to be told.Sadly, due to a lack of readily available pressing plants or the like, much of the radness of this eclectic and electric era went unheard. You won't catch bands like Lushburger, Conventional Toasters, or Amazing Broccoli on the hold music for WINZ, but you'll find them here, at last!
Wellington of the early 1990s was a ground breaking place. Taking its 
cues from international treads it was setting itself on a path that would in future years garner it the title of "coolest little capital in the world".  Wellington had always had a vibrant and forward thinking music scene however moving into the 1990s its experimentation andindividualism was about to be pushed to the extreme. Merging from the thriving punk scene of the 1980s it was time to up the anti from angry youth to intellectual thought and chronic self expression, a catharsis of sorts. Unfortunately due to the lack of physical media production facilities in New Zealand most this music was left in the liveenvironment. 30 years later with the resurgence of the vinyl record a compilation of bands from this influential period in Wellington music has been pulled together to plug this hole in the New Zealand musical landscape.


  1. Lushburger - Vibrant
  2. Amazing Broccoli - Violet
  3. This Will Kill That - Beautiful Bitch
  4. Clay - Pissing Down
  5. Korva - Nurse
  6. Cropt - Killer Clown
  7. Hidden - Steak
  8. Conventional Toasters - Mushie Stuff
  9. Scraper - Fear
  10. Skinshed - Chisel