Bruton Brutoff - The Ambient, Electronic and Pastoral Sounds of the Bruton Library Catalogue

Trunk Records

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Selector and library music fanatic Jonny Trunk presents a blissful set of ambient and electronic music from the Bruton library catalogue; all deeply spacious, pastoral and strangely timeless. Frank Ricotti, Johnny Scott, John Cameron; chances are you won’t have heard of these luminaries unless you stumbled across a training video in the UK at any point in the 1980s, but they’re undeniably masters of the craft, worthy of reappraisal (and surely a sample credit on some future hip-hop record). Tunes like ‘Vibes’ and ‘Billowing Sails’ breeze gently with smooth jazz bass lines, flourishing strings and vivacious vibraphones, a testimony to this overlooked art form.


  1. Brian Bennett – The Swan 1
  2. Francis Monkman – Stargazing 
  3. Steve Gray – Billowing Sails 
  4. Frank Ricotti – Vibes 
  5. Frank Reidy / Eric Allen -Reflections
  6. John Cameron – Tropic 2 
  7. Orlando Kimber / Jon Keliehor – One Language
  8. John Scott – Utopia Revisited
  9. Les Hurdle / Frank Ricotti –Dissolves
  10. John Cameron – Flotation
  11. John Cameron – Drifting
  12. John Cameron – Trek
  13. Alan Hawkshaw – Saturn Rings