La Tempesta Colorata

Vinyl LP

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Valentina Magaletti has collaborated with Laila Sakini, Marlene Ribeiro, Julian Sartorius... played in Tomaga, Moin, Better Corners, V/Z, Vanishing Twin, UUUU, CZN, Holy Tongue, Frequency Disasters and more. Which begs the question, when does she find time to actually sleep? When not working with others, she's also an incredible solo artist as evidenced on 'La Tempesta Colorata' which was simply too good to remain a cassette-only release as it was in 2022. Here's she's captured in free jazz/ improv mode, recorded live at Cafe Oto in October 2021 and coming like Milford Graves, thrashing out insane percussive rhythms that seem to be constantly evolving over a bed of otherworldly electronics/effects.


  1. La Tempesta Colorata

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