Universal Order Of Armageddon (Clear Vinyl 2LP)

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Clear Vinyl 2LP



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From the ashes of Moss Icon, Universal Order of Armageddon blasted out of Annapolis, MD in a fiery maelstrom of punishing riffs, syncopated breakbeats, and terrifying shrieks. Compiled here are the complete Gravity, Vermin Scum, and Kill Rock Stars recordings, remixed and remastered from the original session tapes, and housed in a deluxe gatefold jacket with a chunky 24-page book packed with photos, notes, and iconography from their 1993-’94 run. Armageddon IS now.


1. Visible Distance
2. Switch Is Down
3. Stepping Softly Into
4. Clear Set
5. Benedict
6. No Longer Stranger
7. Symptom
8. Flux
9. Desperate Motion
10. Longer, Stranger
11. The Entire Vast Situation
12. Painfully Obvious
13. Four Measure Start
14. City
15. Mud
16. Close To Far Away
17. Fence Song
18. Four Measure Start
19. Mud
20. No Longer Stranger
21. Close To Far Away
22. Symptom
23. Painfully Obvious
24. City

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