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Tyvek - Flying Out




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After putting out a series of 7”s, EPs, CD-Rs, and cassettes, Tyvek took full advantage of the room to roam for their debut full-length. Their self-titled CD for Siltbreeze is more sprawling than any of their other outings, as vocalist Kevin Boyer and the gang bounce from punky rockers in the loose spirit of the Mr. T Experience and the Dead Milkmen to shambling half-assed instrumentals. “Sonora,” “Tecate,” “El Centro,” and “Mexicali” are disposable interludes pieced apart from a freewheeling two-chord jam session, but dig past these rough spots and the treats outweigh the filler tenfold.

Like slacker-based, left-of-the-dial college rock of the '80s, stream-of-consciousness lyrics are executed in an offhanded singing style that complements the winding, ramshackle melodies perfectly. “Stop Start” captures the quick-to-the-punch disjoint of Wire, "Frustration Rock" grinds and noodles away as Boyer hyperventilates through a tongue twister, and “Stand and Fight” is a fist-raising romp in the style of early SST singles. Of course, everything's captured in Tyvek’s usual poorly lit, fly-on-the-wall technique of four-tracking. With everything immediate, and with flaws galore, there’s not much to differentiate the sound from a live show, which is a good thing. Lo-fi fans wouldn’t want it any less raw.

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