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Confess - Flying Out




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Much was made of the fact that Twin Shadow's second album was largely inspired by a motorcycle crash George Lewis, Jr. survived, but Confess thrills not just because it savors the triumph of cheating death, but because it celebrates living more chances. Lewis, Jr. throws aside the soft-focus balladry and wistfully guarded emotions of his debut Forget for flamboyant and dramatic action, and few sounds convey this widescreen yet heart-on-sleeve feel better than '80s-inspired synth pop and new wave. Where Forget was wispy, Confess is bright and glossy, brimming with splashy drums, squiggling synths, and searing guitars. Even Lewis, Jr.'s vocals feel more retro and yet more vital, suggesting Peter Gabriel, Robert Smith, and Morrissey (especially on "The One") at their peaks at different points in the album. The single "Five Seconds" announced Twin Shadow's newfound urgency, and it remains one of Confess' brightest highlights, packing so much energy and emotion into its briskly strummed acoustic guitars and fuzzed-out, chugging electric ones that it's clear that five seconds apart is too long. The stakes remain that high on the rest of the album: Confess feels like the moment where you have to make your move or lose what you want forever. Like M83 and Neon Indian, Twin Shadow mines the vastness and romance of the '80s without a shred of irony.


Artist: Twin Shadows
Title: Confess
Label: 4AD
Year: 2012
Cat #: CAD3219
Formats: LP


1. Golden Light
2. You Call Me On
3. Five Seconds
4. Run My Heart
5. The One
6. Beg For The Night
7. Patient
8. When The Movie's Over
9. I Don't Care
10. Be Mine Tonight
11. Mirror In The Dark

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