Burns & Tubbs Vol. II


April 10

Vinyl 12"

Public Possession welcomes back Tubbs & Burns for a second volume of their eponymous series. It comes a year after the first which showcased their leftfield take on house across four well-received cuts. This outing is just as likely to turn heads with Shaker first up to twist your mind with spangled synths and drums weaving around one another. Timmy's Dream (Ritual dub) is a heavily percussive and dubbed-out tribal sound with 'Made Of Brass' layering up mystic jungle synths with more great hand drums and steamy horns. Timmy's Dream (Monday 5am mix) is perfect for the afters with its more freaky vibes.


  1. Shaker
  2. Timmy's Dream (Ritual dub)
  3. Made Of Brass
  4. Timmy's Dream (Monday 5am mix)