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Otherworldly and anomalous, hushed and hallucinatory, Pauline Anna Strom's unique style of inner space music reaches across time to futures and pasts far from our own. Trans-Millenia Music compiles 80 minutes of Strom's most evocative work, composed and recorded between 1982 and 1988 across seven albums released in minimal vinyl and cassette editions. Strom's heightened sensitivity to sound and spirited sensibility with the primal synthesizer tools of her trade elevates this music beyond the catch-all containers of New Age and ambient music into a realm of its own. RVNG's double LP and CD collections feature original artwork by visionary Karma Moffett, printed inner sleeves and booklet with extensive liner notes scribed by Britt Brown.


1. Freedom At The 45th Floor
2. Virgin Ice 
3. In Flight Suspension 
4. Bonsai Terrace 
5. Energies 
6. Mushroom Trip 
7. Cruising Altitude 36,000 Feet 
8. Spatial Spectre
9. Warriors of the Sun 
10. Rain On Ancient Quays 
11. Morning Splendor 
12. The Unveiling
13. Gossamer Silk 
14. Ancestral Shrines (Bonus Track) 
15. Organized Confusion (Bonus Track)