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Trip to the Moon presents a new album called ROTO, created by Tom Ludvigson & Trevor Reekie.

These sessions took place on Sundays – a creative routine LudvigsonReekie have been observing for over 20 years. Roto is their 7th album together and the pair describe as "our most honest and self-reflective record to date."

In the past Ludvigson and Reekie have released CDs as “Trip to the Moon”, with other well-known New Zealand jazz musicians Greg Johnson on trumpet, Jim Langabeer on woodwinds and Nigel Gavin on glissentar  - albums like “Jazzhop” (1997), “Pretty Cool” (2003), “Welcome to the Big Room" (2007), “The
Invisible Line” (2012), and most recently “A Traveller’s Tale” (2016).

Roto from Tom Ludvigson on Vimeo.


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