El Rey Bravo (Reissue) (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP

When 1962’s El Rey Bravo arrived on Tico Records, more than a decade into Puente’s career, the bandleader and his orchestra were at the height of their prowess. El Rey Bravo cements the band’s status, as they deliver a dazzling set of original dancefloor numbers—all primarily comprised by Puente.

Among the highlights is the fiery opener, Malanga con Yuca (Potatoes and Beans), the joyful Batacumba (Brazilian Beat) and the cinematic Tokyo de Noche (Tokyo After Dark)—a rare instrumental track that features standout flute and violin solos. One of the album’s few covers is Tombola (Circus), written by the legendary team of Augusto Algueró and Antonio Guijarro for the 1962 Spanish musical of the same name.

El Rey Bravo features (AAA) lacquers cut from the original master tapes by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio and is pressed on 180-gram vinyl. Completing the package is a vintage-style tip-on jacket featuring the album’s classic design.


1. Malanga Con Yuca
2. Oye Cómo Va
3. Tokyo De Noche
4. Tombola
5. Traigo El Coco Seco
6. Africa Habla
7. Batacumba
8. La Pase Gozando
9. Tito Suena El Timbal 
10.Donde Vas
11. Gato Miau, Miau