Titan: It's All Pop


From 1978 to 1981, the Titan label issued just eight records, but over the years their tiny catalog has crawled to the top of power-pop want lists worldwide and appeared on scads of homemade tapes, building a legacy to rival L.A.’s Bomp! or New York’s Ork. Cut off in fly-over country, Titan fostered a scene of its own, imported its own skinny ties, and scoured the Missouri valley for its own talent. The label’s Midwest AM bubblegum roots are apparent in the likes of Gary Charlson, the Secrets*, Arlis!, Gems, Millionaire At Midnight, the Boys, J.P. McClain & the Intruders, Bobby Sky, and Scott McCarl, but Titan’s acts took cues from Stiff too, along with the glam-punk spit being hocked off the 100 Club stage.

2 x Compact Discs
42 tracks totaling 138 minutes
1 x duotone slipcase
1 x 42 page saddle-stitched booklet


  1. The Secrets* It’s Your Heart Tonight
  2. The Boys Please Change Your Mind
  3. Gary Charlson Real Life Saver
  4. Arlis! No Way Baby
  5. Millionaire At Midnight Coit Tower
  6. The Boys We're Too Young
  7. Scott McCarl I Hope
  8. Gems Save Your Money
  9. Gary Charlson Not The Way It Seems
  10. The Boys On A Night Like This
  11. J.P. McClain & The Intruders Just Another Pop Song
  12. Gary Charlson Brown Eyes
  13. The Secrets* Daddy’s Girl
  14. Bobby Sky The Water
  15. The Boys Tell Me It’s You
  16. Arlis! I Can't Take It
  17. Gems Cry
  18. The Secrets* Get Your Radio
  19. The Boys Bad Little Girl
  20. Gary Charlson Close Enough
  21. Arlis! Good Friends
  22. Gary Charlson Shark
  23. The Boys We’re Dancing Again
  24. J.P. McClain & The Intruders Baby Don’t Laugh
  25. Arlis! I Wanna Be
  26. The Secrets* Radio Heart
  27. The Boys (Baby) It’s You
  28. Millionaire At Midnight Drink A Toast
  29. Bobby Sky Rock N’ Roll Song
  30. The Secrets* Uniform
  31. The Boys Hold Me
  32. Gary Charlson Burning In You
  33. Gems Some
  34. The Boys Yesterday’s Circles [CD only]
  35. The Secrets* Night School Girls
  36. Gems Didn’t Like It Anyway
  37. Arlis! I’ll Get You Back
  38. Scott McCarl I Think About You
  39. Bobby Sky Radio City
  40. The Boys You’re Bad Too [CD only]
  41. J.P. McClain & The Intruders The Last Song (Dry Your Eyes)
  42. Gary Charlson Goodbye Goodtimes
  43. The It’s All Pop Goodtimes Chipmunks It’s All Pop