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Thieves Like Us are two Swedes (Bjorn Berglund and Pontus Berghe) and one American (Andy Grier) drifting around the planet. This is the band's 2005 LP, Berlin/Alex.

Artist Bio:

The darkly stylish electronic/post-punk threesome Thieves Like Us are named for the 1984 New Order song (as opposed to the 1974 Robert Altman film), and they take more than just their moniker from Manchester’s darkly stylish electronic/post-punk pioneers. Their timely, ’80s-indebted approach has garnered comparisons to numerous dance-pop acts of the late 2000s, including Hot Chip and Crystal Castles, but their mix of gloom and glitter may be most closely aesthetically aligned with the seedy electro-disco revisionists of the Italians Do It Better axis (Glass Candy, the Chromatics), groups who employ the tools and techniques of dance music but seem more interested in evoking hazily decadent atmospheres than inspiring actual dancing. Swedes Pontus Berghe (drums) and Bjorn Berglund (keyboards) met American Andy Grier (vocals) in Berlin’s Mauer Park in 2002, and the trio began hitting the nightlife together, a gang of unregistered expats struggling with the language and culture of a foreign metropolis. Uninspired by the city’s techno-oriented club scene, they took matters into their own hands by DJ’ing together, and eventually starting to produce their own electronic music.