Bird of the Year 2023

Vinyl LP



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Ever since The Beatles broke up, the world has been waiting for the next perfect band to come along to unite us all in peace and harmony, and with the arrival of Thee Golden Geese's debut album Bird of the Year 2023, the planet might just be saved. We couldn't possibly confirm or deny whether the singer of this band is writing this description, and giving this local "comedy punk" band more kudos than they deserve, but look... if you want catchy rawk'n'rawl with dumbass lyrics played by middle aged men who should know better, you've come to the right place! Out this Rocktober on 1:12 Records! - Flying Out

Thee Golden Geese are: Gareth Shute (bass, honking), James Dansey (drums, honking, also he produced the whole album), Dave Taylor (guitar), and Matthew Crawley (honking).

  1. Goose Party
  2. Georgie Pie
  3. Solve a Murder
  4. Backfoot
  5. Punk Nuns
  6. Amazing James
  7. 95bFM Top 10
  8. Spend All My Money on Crap
  9. Customised Mousepad
  10. Stick It to the Man
  11. Can’t Stop Us Rockin’ Forever