Live at Golden Dawn


The Zestniks are an octet ensemble of leading Auckland jazz and classical musicians. Wildly romantic, energetically sad, zestful and tuneful music, the Zestniks play Jonthan Besser's Gimel Music and selected songs. This recording features Carolina Moon on vocals, Finn Scholes (Carnivorous Plant Society) on vibes and trumpet and Nigel Gavin (Jews Brothers) on guitar. It was recorded live by Bob Frisbee at the Golden Dawn Tavern Of Power, the much-loved, but now closed Ponsonby venue.

The players:
Peau Halapua - violin
Sophie Buxton - Viola
Carolina Moon - vocals
Finn Scholes - vibraphone & trumpet (and cover art!)
Nigel Gavin - guitar
Jonathan Besser - piano
Eamon Edmundston Wells - double bass
Alistair Deverick - drums

Not footage from the actual concert, but gives you an idea: