Floor It!!!



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The 13-song set was produced by Matt Pence (Jason Isbell, John Moreland, Midlake) and recorded at the legendary Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL, Niles City Sound in Ft. Worth, TX and Pence’s own EchoLab Studios in Denton, TX.

Floor It!!! is the follow up to their acclaimed 2017 debut TX Jelly which Vice/Noisey described as “a fantastic collection of good-ass guitar music. Sometimes it sounds like The Beatles, sometimes Jefferson Airplane, sometimes Leon Russell. It’s both funky and psychedelic, softly acoustic singer-songwriter, and occasionally perverted.”

The band’s sound is steeped in ‘60s and ‘70s rock & pop with elements of funk, soul, country, R&B, southern rock and gospel (just about all of them played in churches early on). The album includes woozy, brass-fuelled Dixieland-style jazz, to slinky, chicken-scratch country funk to lushly orchestrated pop-soul balladry all within its first ten minutes. There is a dreamy, spacey, and occasionally progressive element to what they do that seems to detach the music from belonging to any particular place and time. It is a rich and righteous ride.


01. Veal Cutlass
02. Bare Maximum
03. Ain't Nothin' New
04. Train to Avesta
05. Easy St.
06. Hard Rd.
07. Dark at the End of the Tunnel
08. Sing Me to Sleep
09. Last Call
10. She Won't
11. Charlie's House
12. Skyway Streetcar
13. Floor It!!!