Come On Pilgrim

Vinyl LP

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A vinyl reissue remastered from original tapes. Come On Pilgrim was a cut-and-paste job from their impressive demo tape, known as the purple tape, paid for black francis' dad. this 8 track 20 minute mini album was first released in 1987 and was a perfect glimpse of the the spooky, theatrical vision the group brought to their simple guitar-bass-drums lineup. Francis' unearthly shriek of a voice, David Lovering's propulsive drumming, Joey Santiago's insistent, prickly guitar playing, and kim deal's sugar-and-sandpaper vocals and steady bass lines arrives fully formed on songs like the bouncy, yet twisted, surfer-girl ode Ed Is Dead. Come On Pilgrim remains as raw, vibrant, and engaging as the day it was recorded.

Track List

  1. Caribou
  2. Vamos
  3. Isla de Encanta
  4. Ed Is Dead
  5. Holiday Song
  6. Nimrod's Son
  7. I've Been Tired
  8. Levitate Me

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