Buffalo (10th Anniversary Edition)

Vinyl LP (Orange Colour Vinyl)
Buffalo 10th Anniversary Edition now on Orange Vinyl

2020 marks a decade since The Phoenix Foundation's Buffalo was born. Featuring a number of the group’s most enduring songs, from the gently psychedelic drift of opener Eventually, the idiosyncratic title track (once covered by Lorde, pop pickers!), the sugar-sweet Flock Of Hearts to the soaring melancholy swell of closing tracks Wonton and Golden Ship.

Buffalo took the band on quite a journey. In 2013, the group were invited onto prestigious UK music show Later with Jools Holland, where they performed Buffalo and Flock Of Hearts, exposing them to a whole new audience, and saw their global audience grow exponentially. It features guest appearances from fellow musical travellers Connan Mockasin and Lawrence Arabia, and handsome cover art (that won that year’s Vodafone Music Award for best sleeve design) by regular designer Paul Johnson.

Last year it was voted 9th in Radio New Zealand’s list of the best local albums of the 2000’s – a testament to its enduring appeal. 


1. Eventually
2. Buffalo
3. Flock of Hearts
4. Pot
5. Bitte Bitte
6. Skeleton
7. Orange & Mango
8. Bailey's Beach
9. Wonton
10. Golden Ship