The Marshall Suite (Reissue)

Vinyl 2LP (Red)

Remember when The Fall incorporated techno-ish beats into their eternally-rolling post-punk snarl sound? Well, remember it now: 1999's 'The Marshall Suite' is back! Mark E. Smith does his thing from within a dense mix of big-beat, and it works surprisingly well. Smith assembled yet another line-up for the band following the infamous onstage fight with members during a U.S. tour. It refreshed their sound while retaining some of the early rockabilly elements.


  1. Touch Sensitive
  2. F-oldin Money
  3. Shake-Off
  4. Bound
  5. This Perfect Day
  6. (Jung Nevs) Antidotes
  7. Inevitable
  8. Anecdotes + Antidotes In B#
  9. Finale : Tom Ragazzi
  10. Early Life Of Crying Marshal
  11. The Crying Marshal
  12. Birthday Song
  13. Mad.Men-Eng.Dog
  14. On My Own