Silver Bullets


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The Chills release their first full-length album in nearly two decades. Silver Bullets hails the return of one of New Zealands most respected exports; Bursting with chiming Dunedin-pop anthems, melodic rock and Phillipps playful punk-rock tendencies, the thrilling new album brings them to the next chapter.

Recorded at Albany Street Studios in Dunedin (NZ) the album instantly reaffirms Phillipps aptitude for writing intelligent and timeless pop songs delivered with conviction. Whether tackling issues on the economy, fighting with ‚Silver Bullets or the observant nature of Southern Lights on ‚Aurora Corona, The Chills complex pop resonates in a cacophony of dark-edged songs. Their underlying melancholy remains and is offset by their signature catchy melodies bringing a haunting depth to their idiosyncratic sound.

Driving pop fulled by simple, incessant guitar lines, combined with Phillipss facility for a hook-laden melody. - The Wire
The songwriter that helped kick off indie rock as we know it. NPR
Capable of rousing rock and breathtaking beauty. - Pitchfork
The groups loose and energetic and its signature pop-rock is still potent and the melodies as catchy as ever. - Pop Matters


Track List:

1. Father Time
2. Warm Waveform
3. Silver Bullets
4. Underwater Wasteland
5. America Says Hello
6. Liquid Situation
7. Pyramid/ When the Poor Can Reach the Moon
8. Aurora Corona
9. I Cant Help You
10. Tomboy
11. Molten Gold

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