The Blank Tapes is the moniker of Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist and producer, Matt Adams, who has produced over a dozen albums of 1960’s inspired folk-rock-surf-psych-soul-pop on Volcom, Burger Records, Antenna Farm, and many others.

Their new album “Candy” was produced by Eric D Johnson (of The Fruit Bats) at his home studio in Portland, OR featuring bandmates Will Halsey of Sugar Candy Mountain & Veronica Bianqui as well as EDJ himself.

The Blank Tapes have toured throughout America, Canada, Brazil, UK, Europe, & Japan. Matt is also the visual artist behind his band’s (and a slew of others) posters & album covers.


1. Paradise
2. It's In My Mind 
3. Let Yourself Get Down 
4. Feels Like Summer 
5. Candy 
6. Everything Will Fall In Place 
7. Thinking About You 
8. Last Night
9. Other Places