We Disappear




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We Disappear, lovingly designed by Fane and pressed at Pallas in Germany.

After thirty ‘odd’ years, The BEND [Fane Flaws, Tony Backhouse and Peter Dasent- all ex-Crocodiles] is delighted to announce that We Disappear, our album of songs written from selected poems by legendary NZ poet Sam Hunt, has finally manifested in the physical world.
This strange project began in 1987 with iconic NZ drummer Bruno Lawrence on the kit (his last known sessions), a very young Jonathan Zwartz, fresh from the Sydney Conservatorium, on double bass and guest vocalist the late, great Rick Bryant joining Fane, Tony and Peter in the studio, resulting in six songs in the can.

After that the wheels fell off and financial and personal issues meant the project was first shelved, then lost. Twenty-five years later, the tapes were unearthed by Peter during a spring clean. The BEND had a listen and decided the project should be completed.
Another six songs were written and the original band reassembled (minus Bruno who had by then physically disappeared), with Sydney drummer Hamish Stuart becoming the new Bruno and part of the family. By this time Jonathan had become a standout musician/composer in the world of Australian jazz and his masterful playing is a highlight of the record. The album also includes wonderful contributions by notable Australian and NZ artists including James Greening, Virna Sanzone, Lisa Spence, Jenny Morris, Margot Pierard, Anton Wuts, Nick Bollinger, Ross Burge, Craig Walters and Andrew Delahunty

  1. Beware The Man (Backhouse/Hunt)
  2. School Policy On Stickmen (Flaws/Hunt) 
  3. Black Cattle At Dawn Waiura (Flaws/Hunt)
  4. Wavesong (Backhouse/Flaws.Hunt)
  5. Forbidden Fruit (Flaws/Hunt)
  6. A Song About Her (Flaws/Hunt)
  7. My White Ship (Flaws/Hunt)
  8. Everytime It Rains Like This (Backhouse/Hunt)
  9. Letter Home (Flaws/Hunt)
  10. We Disappear (Flaws/Hunt)
  11. Walking The Morning City (Flaws/Hunt)
  12. Meeting An Old Love (Dasent/Hunt)