THE B52'S Best of: Dance This Mess Around


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Limited 180 gram heavyweight vinyl LP pressing. The Best of The B-52's: Dance This Mess Around is an excellent summation of the group's late-1970s/early 1980s heyday, featuring such staples as 'Wig', 'Give Me Back My Man', 'Song For A Future Generation', '52 Girls', 'Private Idaho', 'Strobe Light', 'Devil in My Car', 'Planet Claire' and 'Rock Lobster'. It is arguably the best compilation of the group's work. Dance This Mess Around is a first-rate survey of the band's best (and most groundbreaking) years.

Track listing:

  1. Party Out of Bounds
  2. Devil in My Car
  3. Dirty Back Road
  4. 6060-842
  5. Wig
  6. Rock Lobster
  7. Strobe Light
  8. Give Me Back My Man
  9. Song for a Future Generation
  10. Planet Claire
  11. 52 Girls
  12. Private Idaho