In Brush Park

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Sharing a name with a Soviet battle tank, Christchurch T54 debut album In Brush Park bombards in a haze of guitars, textured vocals and vicious rhythm section.

Following on from their 2010 Drone Attacks EP the trio (Joe Sampson, Matt Scobie and Sam Hood) teamed up with Tom Bell (David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights, Ghost Wave), recording the ten songs in the iconic Dunedin venue, Sammys. Mastered by Steven Marr (Doprah, Ipswich), In Brush Park simultaneously scathes, soothes and shatters, and is completed with the other-worldly art of Leo Beckett.


1. Nails Painted
2. Life is Swell
3. Kill Red
4. O Nina
5. Return of the Worm
6. SW Chops
7. AC Parade
8. Return To Action Movies
9. Jennifer Hands
10. Biscuit City Sisters

Bonus Live Dux Live:

1. Cross The Stream
2. Return of the Worm
3. SW Chops
4. Biscuit City Sisters
5. Hot Sick Fuck
6. Big Times