All At Once

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Captured Tracks is pleased to present the Stockholm Monsters full catalogue in this special vinyl only reissue. Formed in Manchester in 1980, Stockholm Monsters were signed with Factory Records in 1981. Discovered at a show in Manchester when the band was still teens, New Order's Peter Hook took the young band under his wing and went on to produce the majority of the band's catalogue, under the alias Be Music. Their first single, Fairy Tales, didn't appear until 1982, due to the tardiness of the songs producer Martin Hannett. Drawing early praise from influential music magazines NME and Melody Maker, along with touring with New Order, the band seemed set for success. However through numerous line-up changes, delays in recording and the onslaught of bands such as the Happy Mondays the band never quite hit their mark.

During their time with the Factory Records, Stockholm Monsters released one LP (Alma Mater) and a series of 7"s and singles including a scathing take down of Factory's primary indie label rival, entitled How Corrupt is Rough Trade. Available in a limited run, this complete collection gives new light to one of Factory's lost artists.

"In 2002 Noel Gallagher of Oasis revealed that "I started to get into music early on because all the older guys that lived round our way were in a band from Burnage called the Stockholm Monsters. They were the first band ever to come from Burnage and I think they had a hit with a song called Fairy Tales. From that you get into Joy Division, New Order and then it was the Smiths and then the Roses and then the Mondays - and then you start your own band." Wikipedia


1. Fairy Tales
2. Death Is Slowly Coming
3. Happy Ever After 
4. Soft Babies
5. Miss Moonlight (1984 Mix) 
6. The Longing 
7. Lafayette 
8. All At Once
9. National Pastime
10. How Corrupt Is Rough Trade? (12") 
11. Kan Kill! (12") 
12. Partyline (12")
13. Militia
14. Dumbstruck
15. Partyline
16. Miss Moonlight
17. Shake It To The Bank

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