La Planete Sauvage

Vinyl 2LP (Pink & White)

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René Laloux’s celebrated 1973 sci-fi animation ‘La Planète Sauvage (Fantastic Planet)’, is overhauled with a re-imagined soundtrack by electronic modernists Stealing Sheep and legendary sound innovators The Radiophonic Workshop. This exclusive release is part of Fire Records’ re-imagined score series, and is released on Delia Derbyshire Day 2021.

  1. Opening Credits 
  2. The Chase 
  3. Saved/Captured 
  4. The Bracelet 
  5. Council of Draags PT.i 
  6. Terr & Tiwa 
  7. The Knowledge PT.i 
  8. The Fight 
  9. The Knowledge PT.ii 
  10. The Initiation 
  11. Escape 
  12. The Big Tree 
  13. The Ritual 
  14. The Duel 
  15. Theft/Zarek 
  16. The Bird 
  17. The Free Oms 
  18. The Purge 
  19. The Journey to Ygam 
  20. Council of Draags PT. Ii 
  21. The City of Free Oms
  22. Robot Attack 
  23. The Fantastic Planet
  24. The Final Battle 
  25. Terr 
  26. End Credits

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