Songs in A&E (Reissue) (Vinyl 2LP)

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Fat Possum Records presents a glorious new 2LP reissue of Spiritualized's mortality-obsessed 2008 album Songs In A&E. This heady and heartfelt return to form featured all the best bits of Jason Pierce's trademark swag bag of psychedelic rock, cosmic gospel, and ambient sounds, as well as a country bent that had critics agreeing it was his best work in a decade. Featuring newly remastered tunes and a striking new album cover that pays homage to the album's hospital stay inspiration, a near death experience never sounded this good. - Flying Out

Songs In A&E is Spiritualized’s 2008 record, themed around some intense mortality fears following on from Jason Pierce’s life-threatening time in hospital. Plays well into classic Pierce themes: lots of God, lots of Devil, and lots of drugs. 


  1. Harmony 1 (Mellotron)
  2. Sweet Talk
  3. Death Take Your Fiddle
  4. I Gotta Fire
  5. Soul on Fire
  6. Harmony 2 (Piano)
  7. Sittong on Fire
  8. Yeah Yeah
  9. You Lie You Cheat
  10. Harmony 3 (Voice
  11. Baby I’m Just a Fool
  12. Don’t Hold Me Close
  13. Harmony 4 (The Old Man...)
  14. The Waves Crash in
  15. Harmony 5 (Accordion)
  16. Borrowed Your Gun
  17. Harmon 6 (Glockenspiel)
  18. Goodnight Goodnight 

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