Entertainment Death

Saddle Creek


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Limited maroon colored vinyl LP pressing of the fourth album by Spirit of the Beehive. The album signals new chapters for the band on multiple fronts, being the first to feature their new three-piece lineup, as well as the first to be entirely self-recorded and produced. Guitarist/vocalist Zack Schwartz and bassist/vocalist Rivka Ravede are now joined by new member Corey Wichlin, a multi-instrumentalist who relocated from Chicago to the band's home territory of Philadelphia last year. Ever since their self-titled debut in 2014, they've developed a reputation for being your favorite band's favorite band. Theirs is the music of immersion, of confrontation, the kind that makes a listener stop and wonder, 'How are they even doing that?'


  1. Entertainment 
  2. There's Nothing You Can't Do 
  3. Wrong Circle 
  4. Bad Son 
  5. Give Up Your Life 
  6. Rapid & Complete Recovery 
  7. The Server Is Immersed 
  8. It Might Take Some Time 
  9. Wake Up (In Rotation) 
  10. I Suck The Devil's Cock 
  11. Death