2MM Don't Just Stand There! (Vinyl LP)

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Sideshow lands on 10K (Record label founded by MIKE) with vulnerable yet joyful tales of mundanity and everyday life, the rapper’s newfound power comes from his decision to focus on the good. Sideshow’s rap career is moving in the right direction (landing feature slots on new Alchemist & Jadasea releases) and this mixtape will be one you're happy to own in 5 years time (if not 5 minutes in to your first spin). - Hunter

Los Angeles’ Sideshow lands on the 10k label (headed by New York rapper, MIKE) for his second full length album entitled 2MM DON’T JUST STAND THERE!. An early childhood move from Ethiopia to Washington D.C. continues to provide inspiration for the young rapper/graphic designer/model, with his music maintaining some of the signature glide of DMV area hip hop and his pen dripping with Mid-Atlantic references. 2MM’s sole collab comes on the de-facto title track, where Sideshow tackles gentrification while playing the energetic foil to smooth-voiced Chicago rapper Valee. It’s a good mode for both talents.


1. 2unchi Music
2. Jih Like Morant
3. Locked Doors
4. The Running Man Exotic
5. S.h.o.w. Ent
6. White Fans
7. 2mm (Feat. Valee)
8. Thick Liq
9. Shell In A Ghost
10. Nowhere 2 Hide
11. Dollar T/ Dead Leg
12. Tt
13. Mr Couldn’t Hurt A Fly
14. Chez Francis