Dude Incredible

Vinyl LP
This is Shellac's fifth LP. Recording took place sporadically over the past few years at Steve's Electrical Audio studios in Chicago. The record was mastered by Steve Rooke at ABBEY ROAD. The LP was mastered entirely in the analog domain, using the DMM (Direct Metal Mastering) process. The LPs are being manufactured at RTI in Camarillo, CA, using their HQ-180 system. The pressings are 180 gram audiophile quality.

  1.  Dude Incredible
  2.  Compliant
  3.  You Came in Me
  4.  Riding Bikes
  5.  All the Surveyors
  6.  The People's Microphone
  7.  Gary
  8.  Mayor/Surveyor
  9.  Surveyor