L'homme a Tete de Chou (Reissue)

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Though many shudder at the description of 'concept album' this here Serge Gainsbourg release is the exception to the cliche. L'Homme à Tête de Chou combes X-rated spoken word through disco, rock, jazz and funk for a controversial and cinematic storyline packed with the Baroque pop gravitas that only Gainsbourg can pull off. - Hunter

This is GAINSBOURG's 2nd 'concept' record, after the stone classic Histoire De Melody Nelson & probably 2nd only in quality to that record in his deep, storied catalog.

Translating to 'The Man With The Cabbage Head' this is a brutal story of lust & obsession in which, over the course of the album, the narrator falls in love with a shampoo girl [Marilou], beats her to death with a fire extinguisher & ends up in a psychiatric hospital. Featuring lush orchestration & a variety of influences, from reggae to rock to funk to country, this is a crucial part of the musical history of one of France's most famous, & certainly most controversial stars. 

  1. L' Homme À Tãªte de Chou
  2. Chez Max Coiffur Pour Hommes
  3. Marilou Reggae
  4. Transit À Marilou
  5. Flash Forward
  6. Aã©Roplanes
  7. Premiers Symptã´Mes
  8. Ma Lou Marilou
  9. Variations Sur Marilou
  10. Meurtre À L'extincteur
  11. Marilou Sous la Neige
  12. Lunatic Asylum