Watch This! Scientist Dubbing At Tuff Gong

Vinyl LP

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Tuff Gong, being one of the foremost recording, pressing and distribution facilities on the Jamaican Island, set up from the work of Bob Marley to carry reggae music forward. Hopeton Brown (aka SCIENTIST), is a protege of King Tubby, one of the originators of dub music. So with all the greatness of reggae around him within this album, you can only imagine what it brings to the table. Album features 16 tracks, all dub, all classic Scientist.


1. A Bad Boy Dub
2. Black Solidarity Dub
3. Watch This Dub
4. 56 Road of Dub
5. Dub Madness
6. Cooler Than Kilimnjaro
7. Tuff Gong Dub
8. Off The Dub
9. Inner City Dub
10. Gwan Go Dub
11. Greatest Dub
12. 220 Garvey Dub
13. Ghetto People Dub
14. A prosperous Dub
15. Delamere Affair Dub
16. Scientific Dub Style

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