Vinyl LP

INTEGRIFOLIA is Sam Hamilton's second full length LP of weird 21st century (un)pop music released on a 12" black vinyl record packaged in a lush gatefold jacket covered in art work and includes a semi comprehensive liner-note essay about frogs, sex, art, evolution and the awkward navigation through pop music's relational cul de sac's of magic.

All music created, composed, produced and mixed by Sam Hamilton. Recorded 2011-2012 various locations around Auckland, Aotearoa/New Zealand, Olympia, WA, USA, and Portland, OR, USA.

Artist: Sam Hamilton
Title: Integrifolia
Year: 2013
Cat #: TS012
Format: LP


1. The Soveriegnty Of Our Rebellious Love
2. Tangiers To Tetuan (For H. G. Mansfield)
3. Perennial Traditions
4. fuck shit up
5. New Intimacy Styles
6. Emotional Weekend
7. Totem
8. "Future generations will thank us for the roads we never built"