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Salad Boys came together at the end of 2012 with members from other illustrious Christchurch groups T54, Bang! Bang! Eche! and the Dance Asthmatics.

Recorded, the Salad Boys are deceivingly charming, presenting a careful but curious balance of well-informed pop melodies, hypnotizing rhythms and heady instrumentation. The group's self-titled mini-album released in 2013 caused something of a mini-sensation. In real life, the Salad Boys perform a wondrous assault: a charged up blitz of clanging guitars, intoxicating drones, head-down acid repetition and an abundance of dazzling pop hooks.


  1. Here's No Use 
  2. Dream Date 
  3. Daytime Television 
  4. Better Pickups 
  5. My Decay 
  6. No Taste Bomber 
  7. Bow To Your New Sensation 
  8. I'm a Mountain 
  9. Hit Her and Run 
  10. First Eight

Artist: Salad Boys
Title: Metalmania
Cat #: TIM099LP
Label: Trouble In Mind
Format: 12" LP
Year: 2015

Track List:

1 Heres No Use
2 Dream Date
3 Daytime Television
4 Better Pickups
5 My Decay
6 No Taste Bomber
7 Bow To Your New Sensation
8 Im A Mountain
9 Hit Her And Run
10 First Eight

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